Regal Paws

The food that enters the mind must be watched as closely as the food that enters the body.

Patrick J. Buchanan
Garden City, NY 2020


Biden’s Open Borders Lay Out Welcome Mat For MS-13 Gang Members


The Ideological Walls Dividing Social Media Equality

In the postmodern era, communication accessibility has expanded to an unmatched level—not ever before seen since the abandonment of Latin within the Church. With this grand expansion and abundant freedom has come a necessity of civil responsibility. However, not all are called to uphold their duties and responsibilities. To counter the reckless, totalitarian limitations are…

American Mass Media & Censorship: A Repeating of History

2015 sparked one of the largest movements of populism in modern times.  Big Tech, an arm of the establishment, has taken the stance of censors.  To them, under the gaze of the hypodermic needle theory, we are simply not responsible enough to be our own individuals. We, the people, bound only to our maker and the…

Google Stadia: A Bold Bust, Keep Your Receipts

With the release of Stadia Pro, Google has been receiving its fair share of backlash and criticism.  From the beginning, many techies were not confident in Stadia, and for good reason.  Maybe Google was able to coerce the eager buyer, especially by its renowned brand, but those who did a bit of research certainly knew…

Joe Rogan and the Disappearing Experience

With over 1,500 episodes, The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular and influential podcasts available.  Comedian, television host, and former UFC commentator, Joe Rogan hosts a casual talk show with various guests from politics, sports, culture, Hollywood, and the music industry. 

Quibi, or Not Quibi, That is The Question

Quibi is a streaming service that was launched on April 6th of this year, to be the “in-between” market of movies and binge shows.  Quibi specializes in “short burst” content, hence the name stemming from “quick bite.”  What makes Quibi different than its competitors is that it is only available on cell phones.