Vincent Dao, Editor-in-Chief of American Virtue, took to YouTube to explain why we need to stop saying “Happy Holidays.”

“Who cares, bro? It’s not a big deal. Oh yeah, then why did you stop saying merry Christmas,” Dao began. “If it wasn’t a big deal, then why did people change it?

“The truth is as small as they may seem, words matter, language matters, and these things can drastically change our perception of the world around us. And that’s why the leftists and secularists are doing this.”

“Every single Christmas, conservatives get into these culture war debates of ‘Merry Christmas’ versus ‘Happy Holidays,’” Dao said.

He says most people “roll their eyes” at the debate, acting as if it isn’t much of a big deal.

“It’s a part of a great war on Christmas and a greater war on American tradition,” he added.

“Realize it or not, words matter, language matters. Language impacts your perception and understanding of the world a lot more than you realize,” Dao said. “Language is a reflection of who we are and what we believe in as a civilization.”

He asks his viewers to picture “Merry Christmas” in their minds and then “Happy Holidays.”

 “Do you see the same image in your head?” Dao asks.

He also remarks on the wordage of democracy and republic and how they are drastically viewed differently.

“Don’t you see how a small change in your vocabulary can drastically change your entire perception of our civilization?” Dao asks again.

“America celebrates Christmas versus America celebrates the holidays,” he said in air quotes.

“It’s not some stupid inconsequently thing—it’s very intentional. Language matters. The left knows that language matters, which is why they try to change it,” he added.

He argues if it wasn’t such a big deal, the left would not have changed it to “Happy Holidays.”

“They say it for inclusivity’s sake—happy holidays is about inclusivity, but that’s not really ever true because the left is perfectly happy to be exclusive when it comes to Christians, or white people, or whatever.

“Inclusivity and diversity is really always an excuse to wage war on parts of America that they don’t like,” said Dao.

His main argument is that “Happy Holidays” is a war on American tradition and Christianity, both of which are “intertwined” within Christmas and are “natural enemies of American leftism.”

“American culture as a whole has always celebrated Christmas … it’s our holiday as Americans—it’s our thing—it’s been our thing,” said Dao. “Wholistically, Christmas is the American holiday.”

He also says almost everyone celebrates Christmas in some fashion, but when we cannot express Christmas, then we are rendered as less unified of a culture— “less we can share in common.”

“American identity is far less coherent,” says Dao. He says leftists are petrified of Christianity which we why we are seeing the secularization of the holiday.

“I think the true meaning of Christmas on many levels has been erased from American culture.”

He cites American commercialism and the decline of actual conversation about Christmas.

“The war on Christmas is real and is deliberate, and the only reason I’d say they ridicule for pointing it out is because they don’t actually want you to talk about it,” said Dao. “Sound familiar like most cultural issues?”